Automotive industry

Meta aramid are used as heat shields, as well as insulation shields for spark plug leads. Other under-the-hood applications where meta aramid helps provide value include flexible, high-temperature hoses, such as those feeding hot air to inlet manifolds, and turbocharger hoses. Inside automobiles, meta aramid helps keep engine bays from overheating, radiator hoses from bursting, and windshield wipers from failing, even in inclement weather conditions.

Racing Protection with meta aramid have helped the racing industry improve every aspect of managing the threat of fire and protecting the people who provide the drama and spectacle of racing. Racing suits and apparel made with FR meta armid are at the core of this safety improvement.

And this protection is long lasting. Whether it is found in protective suits, underwear, socks, or gloves, the exceptional flame resistance cannot be washed out or worn away.

Racing gear of meta aramid fiber is inherently flame-resistant. It also will not sustain combustion in air or melt when exposed to flame. Because meta aramid carbonizes and becomes thicker when exposed to intense heat; it forms a protective barrier between the heat source and the skin. This unique reaction to intense heat provides valuable escape time when fires occur and helps protect wearers against them.


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