meta aramid
FR Viscose
anti static
Weight: 120~260g/m²

Inherently flame resistant

meta aramid fiber and FR viscose helps provide outstanding flame resistance. The FR property will never be washed out during the garment life time.

Excellent durability

our meta aramid and FR viscose fabric are very strong and extremely durable, especially when compared to other materials such as FR Cotton, Modacrylic fabric.

Light Weight

The fabric can be lighter weight with the same performance to increase comfort and breathability compare with treated Cotton.

Excellent color fastness

We use the Solution Dyed meta aramid method to get the better color fastness. I will keep color to washing and to light. Light color fastness can be grade 5. The garments will always look like new.


Viscose fiber has have good moisture absorb property. And soft hand feeling. More comfortable than FR cotton and aramid fabric.

Liquid chemicals and water protection

The Fabric can be fluorocarbon finish to get excellent protection against water and hazardous liquid chemicals.

Outstanding value

Garments made of our meta aramid / viscose are cheaper than aramid fabric at the same weight. Seugrmax choice chinese meta aramid fiber and Lenzing fiber to supply customers same as europe quality fabric at competitive price.
Technical data MV130 MV170 MV230 MV260 Standard
Weight 130g/㎡ 170g/㎡ 230g/㎡ 260g/㎡  
Width 58/60" 58/60" 58/60" 58/60"  
Composition 50% meta aramid
50% FR viscose
34%meta aramid
64%FR viscose
2% antistatic
65% meta aramid
35% FR viscose
50% meta aramid
50% FR viscose
Weaving Plain Plain Twill Twill  
Available finishes     Fluorocarbon Fluorocarbon  
EN 11612
      EN 1149-3
    EN 11611
    EN 13034
    EN 61482-1-2
    EN 469
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