Our thermal protection fabrics are widely used in situations where heat and flame resistance or insulation is required.

The main item is meta aramid fabric which is used as rubber or plastic reinforcement for high temperature usage. The properties of our meta aramid products are stable for a long period of time at a temperature of 260°C. the products are widely used as silicone rubber reinforcement products and the filtration industry for hot gas.

Equipment of 30 set tubular machines up to 170 fold width, we can supply around 10,000 kg or 50,000 square meter tubular fabric in aramid or polyester, cotton material. We also do the bias cut and cut in the width as demanded for customers all around the world. The bias cut width can up to 245cm.

We have recently developed a full range of basalt fiber, glass fibre, para aramid, silica and ceramic fabrics which have been specially developed for use in Thermal Protection. There are many different types of fabrics that are produced in a variety of weights, widths, weave patterns and treatments.

With our wide range of base fibres and finishes, our products can cope with temperature conditions from -260°C up to 1200°C.

Our products are widely used in Foundries, Power Generation, Ship Building, Marine, Insulation & Lagging, Petrochemical & Refinery and Welding & Fire Protection Industries where sparks, molten metal splatter, and hot works operations pose serious fire hazards. They offer superior resistance to high temperatures, abrasion, slag, and burn-through without the risk of toxic smoke outgassing. 

Aramid Fabric Tubular Fabric Rubber Reinforce
Fabric Weaving Type:
Woven Tubular Tricot Knitting

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