SEGURMAX® Aramid Base Anti-Static Fiber

  Segurmax aramid base anti-static conductive fiber is fiber produced with carbon carbon and aramid polymer using special technology, which is innovative functional material combining meta-aramid property with excellent electrical conductivity.

Segurmax anti-static conductive fiber has multiple fireproof and conductive properties. With comparison of regular conductive fiber, it does not burn, melt and produce toxic gas with properties of flame resistance, high temperature resistance and radiation resistance etc.

This aramid base anti-static conductive fiber is specially developed for high performance flame retardant fabric. The normal antistatic fiber is nylon base or Polyester base which can not resist high temperature and not flame retardant. Normal antistatic fiber will melt or shrink in heat and fire circumstance, this will cause the fabric loss the anti static performance. The aramid base anti-static conductive fiber will not melt or shrink even on 300C.

Aramid Base Conductive fiber Characteristics:

▲ Excellent Flame resistant 
The limiting oxygen index(LOI) is over 28%. The aramid base conductive fiber is inherently flame resistant with initial temperature of carbonization up to 400 ℃.The fiber does not melt or drip in the air without toxic emission.
Outstanding conductivity
The specific resistance of aramid base conductive fiber is 10^4~10^5 Ω.cm.
▲ Durable laundry, anti-bending and anti-abrasion performance
Different from other carbon-suffused fiber and metal fiber, Belltron 9R1 conductive carbon fiber is non-flaking and non-sloughing and the surface of the fabric will not be damaged after frequent abrasion and laundry
Low boiling water shrinkage 
The boiling water shrinkage of aramid base cunductive fiber is less than 1.5%.It can be added into textile by large percentage for the application of circumstance with high antistatic property.
▲ Resistant to chemicals 
Has a high resistance toward weak acid, weak base and the majority of organic solvents;
▲ Good textile properties
High resistance to breakage and its high break elongation ratio guaranteed the end product with high intensity, good product longevity, and better tolerance to injection;
▲ No Melt Drip properties
It is flame resistant with self-extinguish nature and non-melt drip characteristic. 
Density 1.38g/cm 3 LOI >28
Moisture 6~8% vitrification temperature 270℃
Breaking Strength 3.5~6cN/dtex Decomposition temperature 400℃
Breaking elongation 25~60% long using temperature 204℃
Thermal conductivity coefficient 0.9Btu-in/h•ft2•℉ short using temperture 300℃
Fiber Diameter 10~20um Shrinkage (300 *15min) <5%


▲ Fire fighting Gear
▲ Military, Police, Racing Suit
▲ Flame Retardant PPE work wear, Arc flash Suit


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