Tubular Bias Cut Fabric

Fabric Property:

Temperature resistant 180℃

Polyester fabric widely use in low temperature requirment condition than meta aramid.

High Tenacity

Polyester fabric is high tenacity fabric than Cotton or Poly/Cotton fabric, which is widely used in rubber reinforcement.

Cheap price solution

Polyester fabric is a cheap solution in rubber reinforcement. Only around 25% price of meta aramid products.


There will always be a thick edge with high density exist in the tubular woven fabric. This will cause poor tear tenacity during the thick edge place in rubber products. We use the advanced technology to weave the tubular fabric with the edge same as inside. Now you can have the real 45° Bias Cut seamless fabric in the same density without thickness line.
Normal Edge improved Edge

Strength in Warp & Weft

Bias cut fabric give an outstanding strength in warp and weft which make the rubber products more flexible.

Bias Cut at 45°or 120°

We can do bias cut for our customers and cut into the length needed. Like 50cm, 60cm, 80cm, 100cm, 126cm,166cm.
Normal Woven Fabric Tubular Bias Cut Fabric

Fabric Spec:
YARN COUNT: from Ne 10S/3~40S/1
DENSITY: from 18~40/inch
WEIGHT: from 100~200g/m²


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