Segurmax ® Para Aramid Staple Yarn


High Strength and High Modulus 
Due to the high hydrogen bonds, the strength of Taparan®para aramid can reach up to above 28g/D.Its specific strength is 5-6 times that of steel wire , its specific modulus is 2-3 times that of steel wire or glass fiber , and its flexibility is 2 times that of steel wire while the weight is only 1/5 that of the steel wire.
Excellent Flame resistant 
The limiting oxygen index(LOI) is over 29%. start to carbonise and decompose above 530℃
High temperature resistant
Can be used continuously in a very wide temperature range from -196℃ to 204℃.It has no decomposing or melting at 500℃.Its tenacity remains 75% after 100hours under 200℃.
Good Chemical Resistance 
Para aramid is acid and alkali resistant, anti-aging with good adhesive force in rubber;
Good textile properties
High resistance to breakage and its high break elongation ratio guaranteed the end product with high intensity, good product longevity, and better tolerance to injection;
No Melt Drip properties
It is flame resistant with self-extinguish nature and non-melt drip characteristic. 

Para Aramid Spun Yarn technical data:


P-Aramid 203

P-Aramid 303 P-Aramid 201 P-Aramid 202


100% para aramid 100% para aramid 100% para aramid 100% para aramid
Yarn count (Nm)     20/1 20/2
Yarn count (Nm)     34 17
Yarn count (Tex)     30 60
Breaking Strength(CN)     2000 4100
Tenacity (Cn/tex)     68 70
Elongation     3~4 4~5
Length (M/KG)        


▲ Fire fighting Gear
▲ Military, Police, Racing Suit
▲ Sewing Thread
▲ Cut Resistant Glove
▲ High Temp Resistant Glove
▲ High Temperature Filter Bag




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