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SEGURMAX is a high performance textile company. Belonging to the Hangzhou Yongsheng Group, SEGURMAX make use of the groups huge production capacity.

SEGURMAX focus on high-tech and high-performance textile products using high-performance fibers, yarns and fabrics to manufacture PPE garments.

We are a distinguished manufacture of:

· Aramid products for industrial use and for protection wear
· FR fabrics for protective garments
· High tenacity fabrics for industrial application
· Various fabrics made PPE products

With the professional and close cooperation of the factories within the Hangzhou Yongsheng Group we guarantee that all our products are manufactured on basis of our own quality control system. All our factories are certified according to ISO9001. Our employees are well skilled professionals throughout the production units. Thus we continuously guarantee highest quality products.

SEGURMAX strongly focus on R&D with an ambitious team in R&D and laboratory. The wide range of production possibilities in our group such as spinning, weaving, dyeing and sewing, enables us to gather all necessary experts from the various production units under one roof, so that we can find tailor-made solutions for our customers' demands and develop new items with a continuously high quality as per our customers' requirements.

Compared to some European and American corporations SEGURMAX may be a relatively young company. With our professional team, high-sophisticated technology, state-of-the-art equipment, symbiotic relationship with the Hangzhou Yongsheng Group and not least with our own requirements to our high quality standard we have a sound basis as a reliable, competitive, expanding and future-oriented corporation.

In Spanish SEGURMAX means 'maximize your safety'. Not only do we regard it as our aim but we regard it as our duty to provide products that utmostly protect the user of our garments as well as the machines where our products are used.





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