Yarn count:
Can make any yarn count from Ne 10S~60S. (Nm15~Nm100)

100% meta aramid
93% meta aramid 5% para aramid 2% antistatic
98% meta aramid 2% antistatic
meta aramid/FR viscose 50/50 65/35
64% FR viscose 34% meta aramid 2% antistatic

Yarn ColorRaw White, Dope Dyed Yarn Dyed.
Navy blue, Royal Bule, Black, Green, Sage Green, Yellow, Orange, Beige, Red, White, etc.  

Meta Aramid Characteristics:

▲ Excellent Flame resistant 
The limiting oxygen index(LOI) is over 28%. start to carbonise and decompose above 370℃
▲ High temperature resistant
it is able to perform well for a long period of time under acid base in 204℃ 70% strength of threads remains after being in 260℃ for 1000 hours
▲ Resistant to chemicals 
Has a high resistance toward weak acid, weak base and the majority of organic solvents;
▲ Good textile properties
High resistance to breakage and its high break elongation ratio guaranteed the end product with high intensity, good product longevity, and better tolerance to injection;
▲ No Melt Drip properties
It is flame resistant with self-extinguish nature and non-melt drip characteristic. 
Density 1.38g/cm 3 LOI >28
Moisture 6~8% vitrification temperature 270℃
Breaking Strength 3.5~6cN/dtex Decomposition temperature 400℃
Breaking elongation 25~60% long using temperature 204℃
Thermal conductivity coefficient 0.9Btu-in/h•ft2•℉ short using temperture 300℃
Fiber Diameter 10~20um Shrinkage (300 *15min) <5%


▲ Fire fighting Gear
▲ Military, Police, Racing Suit
▲ Flame Retardant PPE work wear, Arc flash Suit
▲ High temperature filter bag
▲ Heat resistant rope, hose, bearing,Ironing table, thermal barrier


Production Capacity:

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