Can make any yarn count from Ne 6S~30S. (Nm10~Nm50)
100% Oxidized PAN Yarn
70% Oxidized 30% Para Aramid
50% Oxidized 50% Para Aramid

Inherently flame resistant

We choice PANOX oxidized PAN fiber from SGL which are inherently flame retardant. They do not melt, drip or burn, it chars without shrinking, self-extinguishes and remains supple after flame exposure.

High LOI

The Limiting Oxygen Index (LOI) > 45%. Means that an oxygen content of at least 45% is required before the fibers will burn. As the normal oxygen content of air is only 21%, this mean that, under normal circumstances, Oxidized PAN will not burn.

High Temperature Resistant

Oxidized PAN fiber can thermal stabilization at 300°C. This results in an oxidized textile fiber with a carbon content of approx 62%. Thanks to its special properties, OPF can be used in many different fields as an effective protection against fire and heat.

 High Temp & CUT Resistant

Blended with preox fiber & Para aramid, the production can be high temperature resistant and high tenacity, which provide excellent cut, abrasion and thermal protection as well as flame resistant.

 Anti Welding

Due to high heat resistant, Preox fiber can be used in welding field, as welding garment or blanket.

Outstanding Value

Preox fiber blended yarn is a low cost high heat & flame resistant performance choice used in critical environment.
PPE garment, fireblocking, welding blanket, automotive,railway interiors, Metuallury industry, friction braking

Production Capacity:

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