FR Fabric for Oil & Gas Field

    ARADURA:  ARAMID 93/5/2 150, 180, 210, 260 g/m²
    ARADURA Comfort:   LENZING™ FR / Aramid Fabric
    SEGURPRO:  Modacrylic/Cotton, Modacrylic/Cotton/Nylon
    SEGURPRO ARC:  Modacrylic/Cotton/PA/Aramid
    SEGURPRO KNIT:  Inherently FR Knitting Fabric


SEGURMAX have series fabric protect Flash Fire.
Almost all of our fabric can pass EN 11612.
Most of our fabric can pass NFPA 2112.

Our ARADURA aramid Series fabric with standard compostion 93/5/2 or other blended can pass both European Norms or NFPA 2112.

Our ARADURA Comfort Series is Aramid / Lenzing FR™ blended fabric in compostion 50/50, 49/49/2, 65/33/2, 70/30, 60/40 can pass both European Norms or NFPA 2112.

Our SEGURPRO Series is Modacrylic / Cotton blended is a cheaper choice for European Standard.

Our SEGURPRO Arc series use Modacrylic/cotton/para aramid blended fiber which can can pass both European Norms or NFPA 2112. Also with Arc flash protective pass ASTM 1959F.

Our SEGURPRO KNIT series is a good choice for FR Underwear.



Aradura Fabric Aradura Steel Aradura Comfort
SEGURPRO ARC Protec Fabric FR Knitting
SEGURVIS HIVIS Orange FR Accessories

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