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    ARADURA:  ARAMID 93/5/2 150, 180, 210, 260 g/m²
    ARADURA Comfort:   LENZING™ FR / Aramid Fabric
    SEGURPRO:  Modacrylic/Cotton, Modacrylic/Cotton/Nylon
    SEGURPRO KNIT:  Inherently FR Knitting Fabric


Our military personnel know that flash fires are an ever-present hazard and seconds can make all the difference between life and death. Especailly in the aircrafts, submarine and tank.
Proven in emergency response and in industrial situations, Meta aramid fiber is inherently flame-resistant, so the protection won't wash or wear out. It won't melt, drip, or support combustion in the air, helping give warfighters the confidence it takes to focus on the mission.

Meta armid fibers are inherently flame-resistant, meaning that the flame-resistant properties are built directly into the fabric itself. Thus, the flame-resistant properties of meta armid cannot be washed or worn out of the fabric. When exposed to a heat source, aramid fibers swell and thicken creating a heat and air barrier between the heat source and the reverse of the fabric. This both protects the wearer of a aramid suit from heat damage and prevents combustion within the suit.

In flight suits and tank suits, the lightweight, high-tensile fabric is valued for its practical application in case of accidental fuel fire. Military uses this fabric in its Multi-Climate Protection System gear to provide optimal wear combined with remarkable fire resistance.



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